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You're here because you understand the

power of Breathwork and want to go deeper!

Elevate Your Breathwork Practice:

Transform Lives,

Including Your Own

Welcome to the next level of your breathwork journey—

a comprehensive, transformative training
designed for qualified and experienced breathwork coaches

who aspire to deepen their expertise,

expand their practice,

and step into the role of a teacher,

shaping the next generation of breathwork practitioners.


You'll learn everything you need to lead clients into Transformational Breakthroughs

by combining Breathwork & Coaching skills.

Become a LEADER in the fastest growing, science-backed,

personal growth movement in the world.

Breathtaking Release™️

You're here because you understand the

power of Breathwork and want to go deeper!

Are you ready to embark on a journey that will truly transform your breathwork coaching practice

and help you make a profound impact on the lives of your clients?

If you're already a breathwork coach seeking to amplify your impact

and deepen your client results,

then you've found your new tribe!

Welcome to the Influential Breathwork Master Coach®️ Certification & Teacher Training where

we fuse the power of breathwork with coaching methodologies

to create a truly breathtaking experience.

"Breathwork Coaching is Profoundly Life-Changing" - Matt S.

What We Offer

Our Master BreathHealing Release™️ Practitioner and

Influential Breathwork Coach Teacher Training

is an advanced programme that takes you beyond the basics of breath,

diving deep into specialised areas of breathwork healing and teaching.

Over the course of this training, you will explore:

Specialised Topics:

  • Gain advanced insights into trauma and the effect on breathing

  • Aspects of female breathing - with focus on menopause and cycles

  • Deepen your knowledge of  Heart Rate Variability

  • The Impact and Release of Intergenerational Trauma

  • Practical Case Studies: Apply your knowledge through 20 diverse case studies, ensuring you have a well-rounded and practical understanding of breathwork application.

  • Graduation Project: Embark on a 15-hour graduation project in your area of interest, showcasing your innovation and depth of knowledge, and building your business assets.

  • Teaching and Leadership: Gain the skills and credentials to teach, mentor, and guide others as an associate breathwork coach, using our licensed materials and contributing to our curriculum with your unique masterclass.

Assessment will be via an online exam, and informal interview.

Join Us for Our Comprehensive

Influential Breathwork®️ Master Coach

& Breathwork Teacher Training

Picture this:

You're guiding your client through a

breathwork coaching session,

tapping into the incredible
influence of breath on physiology, emotions, and mental well-being.

You witness layers of built-up resistance melting away,

allowing them to experience deep trauma release,

stress relief, and a newfound sense of aliveness.

Together, you dive into the depths of their being,

helping them heal emotional pain and past traumas,

regulate their nervous system,

and unlock their ultimate potential.

Why Upgrade Your Skills With Us?

  • Depth and Breadth of Training: Our programme covers areas of breathwork not typically explored in standard courses, preparing you to handle a wide range of scenarios and client needs.

  • Community and Mentorship: Join a community of practitioners committed to healing and growth. As you learn, you'll also teach, guiding Year 1 students and contributing to a supportive learning environment.

  • Diverse Client Experience: With requirements for varied case studies, you'll leave the program ready to work with any client, anywhere, whether online or in-person.

  • Pathway to Leadership: Not only will you enhance your own practice, but you'll also become eligible to mentor apprentices and potentially join our team as an associate coach.

Find Out What Our Students Have To Say:

Judith Rayner

"It's quite mind blowing! Anna is really committed to giving us the best possible knowledge, tools and encouraging us to explore how we might integrate and adopt breathwork into our own businesses. The journey so far has been fascinating and I'm excited about the modality and where I can take it. Lots still to learn and I believe we'll be well equipped and supported by Anna to take our knowledge out into the world."

Kim Brockway

"We've delved into a rich array of topics that have expanded my understanding of breathwork and its profound impact. Each week has been a revelation .

This has already been a transformative experience.

This course is not just a learning experience; it's a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this transformative program led by Anna, and I can't wait to see what the next chapters will unfold."

"Powerful and deep in the most beautifully nourishing and integrated way"

Didn't train in Breathwork with us originally?

No problem.

For Breathwork Coaches from Other Schools

We welcome practitioners trained in other breathwork methodologies who wish to join our advanced programme

To ensure consistency and depth of knowledge, you'll be required to complete an additional 'transfer' module, for (an additional fee) designed to acquaint you with our foundational techniques and standards.

"I  have never had such a powerful and transformational experience" - Laura S.

Amber Doughty

"What an incredible experience it has been.

Personally the tools have supported me through recent challenging times & I can see marked improvements in my breathing from practice in the past few months.

From the outset of the training Anna has led with so much knowledge & passion, giving us so much information, tools & experiences to support our growth. I’m becoming obsessed with the world of breathwork, loving the research & reading around the topic. The tools have been literally life changing for myself & loved ones & I cannot wait to start integrating further with clients.

If you are considering training in breathwork, I would highly recommend this course with Anna for the depth of knowledge, the support & the impact on wellbeing this information will make."

Dominique Bell

"It’s been absolutely incredible....I love how the course is structured. I'm literally mind blown about the amount there is to learn in relation to breathwork and breathing. But for me personally, it's made a massive difference to my personal life... I am truly grateful that Anna went ahead with creating the breathwork course. I'm really grateful that I am part of the community...

And if anyone is thinking about it, I'd absolutely say jump in, do it. You won't be disappointed.

It's an amazing experience."



Your investment in this advanced transformational journey is £5000, payable in full or in convenient installments. This investment includes all training materials, access to our community, personal mentorship opportunities, and the potential to become a leading figure in the breathwork community.

Ready to Elevate Your Breathwork Coaching Practice?

Join us on this journey to deepen your impact, expand your knowledge,

and transform lives through the power of breathwork.

Whether you're deepening your practice or joining us from another school,

your path to becoming a

Master BreathHealing Release Practitioner &

Influential Breathwork Coach Teacher starts here.

Twelve Month Agenda

Female Breathing - Cycles, Hormones and the Breath

Exploring how breathwork can support the unique aspects of menstrual cycles and menopause and how to guide women during these phases.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and the Breath

Study the science behind HRV and its critical role in wellness, learning techniques to improve HRV through targeted breathwork practices.

Advanced Trauma


Expand knowledge on trauma's impact on the body and mind, with breathwork strategies tailored for healing and resilience.

Vagus Nerve Theory Applied to Breathwork

Understand the physiological basis for safety and threat perception, applying this knowledge to create breathwork sessions that enhance vagal tone.

Generational Family Trauma and Resolution

Investigate the dynamics of family trauma, learning breathwork interventions to facilitate healing and release inherited patterns.

Resolving Trauma Held From Birth

Understand the profound effects of long held beliefs as a result of trauma experienced inutero and at birth, and how to use the breath to release deep-seated trauma

Time Line Integration and Past Life Story Release

Learn how to seemlessly inntegrate Time Line therapy concepts with breathwork to access and heal past life patterns, intergenerational and inerited traumas and experiences.

Mastering BreathHealing Release Techniques

A deep dive into advanced BreathHealing methodologies, focusing on refining and mastering these techniques for various applications in your practice.

Breathwork for Specific Challenges

Learn tailored breathwork sessions for special groups such as anxiety sufferers, ADHD diagnosed, children/teens, and the elderly, understanding their unique needs.

Integrative Breathwork Techniques

Explore how breathwork can be combined with other modalities like yoga, meditation, and psychotherapy to offer a holistic healing experience.

Developing a Breathwork Business

Essential skills for building and growing a successful breathwork practice, covering topics from marketing to client retention and digital strategies.

Leadership and Teaching Skills

Beome equipped with the skills needed to become an effective teacher and leader focusing on curriculum development, student engagement, and mentorship.

Join Us for Our Comprehensive

Year Two
Influential Breathwork®️ Master Coach

& Breathwork Teacher Training

Certification Programme

Our Training Pathway



Access Comprehensive Trainings in our Online Hub - Available on Desktop & App

Practical Experience

Meet Weekly With Your Peers & Tutors for Group Practice Sessions and Public Breathworks

Personal Journey

Experience Profound Shifts in Your Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health

Graduation Project

Explore a Breath-Related Topic of Your Choice to Enhance Your New Breath-Infused Business

Final Assessments

Complete the Course with a Final Assessment and Gain Your Certification

Charlotte Saunders

I'm absolutely loving the course. I can't believe how much I've learned in such a short time... We have built a beautiful community. And it's just really fun. We have massive shifts with the breathwork. It's been an amazing journey, and I'm not even finished yet.

With the practice and the training it  has given me the confidence to feel like this is something I could really integrate into what I already do, but also do as a completely separate modality... So if you're not sure at all, for me, I would say take the plunge.
It's been pretty life changing in fact.

Why You Need This

Advanced Breathwork Coach Training

This certification programme is life-changing for you and for your clients.

- You'll learn how to regulate your nervous system

- You'll discover how to lead profound sessions with the breath

- You'll acquire a powerful subconscious and somatic release skillset

This advanced level course takes your Breathwork knowledge even deeper,

enabling you to become highly specialised in an area of your choice.

There are so many ways to make a substantial income

from the teachings in this programme.

Standard PACKAGE

£5000 -



12 months (£500 per month)

Full access to certification,
community support,

and certification upon successful completion.

  • 12 x Monthly 60 Minute Trainings

  • Access to all trainings and course materials

  • Exclusive Facebook Group

  • 2 x Weekly LIVE practice session calls

  • 20  x Integration & Support calls 

Fast Track Apprenticeship


£8,000-PAY IN FULL


6 months ( £1350 per month)


  • BONUS 5 x 1:1 Mentorship calls with Anna - £3750

  • BONUS - Voice note Support from Anna - £2500

  • BONUS Fast Track Certification Option £1500

  • BONUS Invite to In-person Retreat Day - £1000

  • TOTAL £11650 of BONUS Content Value

Standard PACKAGE

£5,000 -



12 months ( £500 per month)

Full access to certification,
community support,

and certification upon completion.

  • 24 x Weekly 60 Minute Trainings

  • Access to all trainings and course materials

  • Exclusive Facebook Group

  • Access to 20  x LIVE practice session calls

  • 20  x Integration & Support calls 

  • Opportunity for Membership of  Professional Coaching Body

  • Continued Professional Development Points (CPD)

  • Level 4 Equal National Qualification Equivalent

BONUS - The Details


Bonus 7 -

' 5 x Personal 60 min Sessions with Anna' VALUE £3750

If you select the Apprenticehip Option, you will have Anna as your direct mentor during your training. You'll have access to five personalised sessions, where you can choose to use this time either for a deep BreathHealing Release™️ session, or for personalised mentorship on your new business venture.


Bonus 8 -

'Voicenote Support from Anna'

VALUE £2500

Throughout your Breathwork Coach Apprenticeship, you'll have access to Anna directly via voicenote - to ask questions regarding any areas of breathwork and your business direction that you require. (Available Mon-Friday during working hours). An invaluable addition that won't be available for future cohorts.


Bonus 9 -

'Fast Track Certification'

VALUE £1500

Ready to throw yourself into the experience? With the Apprenticeship option, you have the ability to streamline your qualification. Go at your own pace, with full immediate access to all the course materials. Your homework and case studies will be given priority in marking and feedback. As long as all homework, graduation project, practical case studies and assessments are completed, you will be able to certify as soon as you are ready - minimum expercted time is 4 months, compared with nine months for group experience.


Bonus 10 -

'Invitation to In-Person Retreat Day'

VALUE £1000

Come and spend the day in Oxfordshire in an intimate group with Anna, experiencing breathwork, connection and inspiration as we deep dive into your business plans and aspirations for incorporating breathwork into your current offerings. Hosted at Anna's Granny's house, you'll enjoy a cacoa ceremony around the firepit, a delicious buffet meal and a day of relaxed transformation. This have proved extremely enlightening for past participants - there's NOTHING quite like a focused day on you, your breath and your business.

Join us for a VIP Breathwork Retreat Day

You'll be given the opportunity to join the rest of the Breathwork Community at Anna's Granny's House in Oxfordshire on an exclusive breathwork retreat day. These days are transformative and enriching for your breathwork coaching confidence, as well as providing a hands-on opportunity to deepen your own release work.

Join Us for Our Comprehensive

BreathHealing Release®️ Master Coach

& Influential Breathwork Teacher Training

Meet the Founder & Lead Trainer:

Anna Parker-Naples is an international award winning coach and entrepreneur. As a bestselling author and top global motivational podcaster, she is a leading authority in the field of personal growth & professional transformation, and an advanced level breathwork facilitator and instructor.

She is an organizational and professional member of the International Breathwork Association and was made an Honorary Fellow of the Accredited Board of Coaches, Counsellors, Psychotherapists & Hypnotherapists in recognition of her significant contribution to the personal development and mental health fields with the standard of this course.

With her extensive knowledge, deep passion, and years of experience, Anna has empowered thousands of individuals to unlock their potential, find clarity, and create profound shifts in their lives and businesses on many levels.

Her impact was recognized when she was selected to join Sir Richard Branson on his private island to mastermind with a collective of 30 other leading female entrepreneurs from around the globe, and through the numerous business awards she has received.

Anna's journey into coaching began when she experienced the transformative power in her own life. Through her personal healing and growth, she discovered the immense potential that lies within each of us to create lasting change and cultivate a life of fulfillment and purpose.

With a background in life and business coaching, Anna brings a unique blend of holistic, subconscious and somatic expertise to her work.

Her innovative approach combines the power of breathwork with various transformative techniques, enabling individuals to release limiting beliefs, access their inner wisdom, and experience deep healing on multiple levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Anna's qualifications include:

  • Breathwork Facilitator and Teacher (trained with two separate schools of thought)

  • Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor

  • FX Breath Instructor

  • Trauma-Informed Coach

  • Certified Vagus Nerve Practitioner

  • Transgenerational & Inherited Trauma

  • Certified Complex Trauma Treatment Professional (Level II)

  • 'The Resilient Heart' HeartMath Certified

  • Cold Water Therapy Instructor

  • Cold Water Immersion Teacher

  • Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Master of Hypnosis

  • Master of Time Line Therapy

  • Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT Tapping)

  • Reiki Master & Teacher

  • ThetaHealing®️ Practitioner

  • Holistic Therapist & Trainer (Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Baby Massage)

  • Mindfulness & Meditation teacher

Together with Anna & Influential Breathwork Academy, let's create a ripple effect of positive change, healing and transformation in the lives of countless individuals worldwide.

One breath at a time.

Join Us for Our Comprehensive

Year Two Training

Influential Breathwork®️ Master Coach

& Breathwork Teacher

"Deeply healing & wonderfully empowering" - Alison T.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is this programme suitable for both aspiring and established coaches?

A: This course is suitable for those who have completed our Year One - Influential Breathwork Coach Certification, or who have qualified in breathwork with another training provider. For those trained elsewhere, there will be an additional 'transfer' module to complete, with an extra fee. Please book a call to discuss.

Q: Do I need any prior experience in breathwork or coaching to enroll in this programme?

A: Yes, prior experience of breathwork coaching and/or facilitation is required. This is an advanced level programme.

Q: How will this programme benefit my coaching practice?

A: The Influential Breathwork Master Coach™️ Certification Training Programme will enhance your coaching practice by integrating powerful breathwork techniques that facilitate deep transformation. You will also qualify as an Influential Breathwork Teacher, enabling you to teach our syllabus. You'll be able to help your clients release emotional blockages, manage stress, and achieve breakthrough results. Breathwork is in high demand right now, so this is the ideal time to certify, and charge premium rates.

Q: What support will I receive during the programme?

A: We are committed to your success. Throughout the program, you'll have access to live coaching sessions, interactive workshops, and a supportive online community. You'll also receive ongoing mentorship and guidance from our trainers.

Q: Can I earn a certification upon completion of the programme?

A: Yes, upon successfully completing the programme requirements, you will receive the Influential Breathwork Master Coach™️ Certification, and Influential Breathwork Teacher status. This certification will validate your expertise in breathwork coaching and enhance your professional credibility.

Q: Are there any additional costs besides the programme tuition?

A: The programme tuition covers all the essential training materials and resources. However, there may be optional supplementary materials or resources recommended for further exploration. These additional resources are not mandatory but can complement your learning journey.

Q: Is there Further Training?

A: Yes. We plan to offer Cold Water Coach training in the near future.

Q: What if I can't attend the live sessions?

A: We understand that scheduling conflicts may arise. All the live sessions will be recorded and made available to you within our online learning platform. You can access them at your convenience and still benefit from the content.

Q: Is there a refund policy in case I'm not satisfied with the programme?

A. You can request a refund within the first 14 days after signing up for the programme. Once the course begins, no refunds are available.

Q: How long is the programme and what time commitments are there?

A. The Influential Breathwork Master Coach™️ & Breathwork Techer TeacherTraining Certification is a 12 month course. There will be live sessions on a monthy basis lasting 60 mins. These will be available for replay if you miss the session. In addition, you will be required to complete homework tasks, reading assignments and personal practice documentation. You will be expected to complete practical experience and case studies, and a final assessment. It is anticipated that your time commitment will be approximately 3 hours per week.
Please note, you will have 3 additional months to complete the practical expereience after the course completes.

Q: Will I become a Certified Influential Breathwork®️ Coach on completion of this programme?

You first complete all training, submit your homework and research activities, complete your graduation project, followed by your required practice sessions to develop your confidence before becoming a Certified Influential Breathwork™️ Master Coach.

Completion of this programme gives the candidate the opportunity to apply for the designation of CeIBMC 'Certified Influential Breathwork Master Coach', awarded by Influential Breathwork Academy. This certificate is awarded to those coaches who can demonstrate that they have attained the knowledge and skills required by Influential Breathwork Academy.

The program is undergoing CPD accreditation. Upon the training programme successfully receiving the accrediation, you will be given the opportunity to claim your CPD points.

Is there a recertification process to maintain the standard?

As part of the programme you will be offered the opportunity to be certified as a Certified Influential Breathwork Master Coach ® (“CeIB

MC”). In order to become a CeIBC you will be required to undertake certain activities and assessments to demonstrate your competency. The cost is currently £375 per year. This is optional if you'd like to maintain use of using the designation CeIBMC and use our BreathHealing Release™️ Methodology. A licence to use our materials - such as videos, forms and waivers will be part of your licence, as well as the opportunity to earn affiliate revenue from our courses.

Q: When are the live calls?

A: -The live training sessions will take place on the first Tuesday of every month at 1pm.
-Course workbooks will be available in our training hub online on Mondays from 9am UK time.
-The integration and practice sessions will be on Wednesdays from 12pm-1.30pm. (This are optional and drop-in)
- On certain Monday evenings at 8pm (UK time), you will have the opportunity to support, attend or lead public facing breathwork sessions and support our Year One students as part of your course commitments.

- Dates - Course runs constantly, you can integrate with the current students at any time.

-Final assessments and practice sessions must be completed and submitted within 12 months of your start date.
-These dates are provisional and are subject to change.

Q: Is this course accredited by professional bodies?

A: -We are a recognised training provider by several professional bodies. This Year Two course will be undergoing certification processes as it is led and developed. When (and if) we gain official accreditation for this course., you will be made aware of how to can your accrediation status.
IPHM- International Professional Holisitic Medicine
ICAHP - International Compliance Assurance for Holistic Practitioners.
CPD UK - we are a member as a Training Provider, and awaiting final assessment for this course.

International Breathwork Foundation - we are Organizational Members of this important channel.

"Really profound experience of something deep rooted from my past." Sophia M.

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