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Breathwork & Coaching skills.

Be part of the fastest growing personal growth movement on the planet.

You're here because Breathwork has been calling to you!

Are you ready to embark on a journey that will truly transform your coaching practice

and help you make a profound impact on the lives of your clients?

If you're a coach seeking to amplify your impact

or an individual drawn to the transformative effects of breathwork,

then you've found your new tribe!

Welcome to the Influential Breathwork Coach™️ Certification Training, where

we fuse the power of breathwork with coaching methodologies

to create a truly breathtaking experience.

"Breathwork Coaching is Profoundly Life-Changing" - Matt S.

Picture this:

You're guiding your client through a

breathwork coaching session,

tapping into the incredible influence of breath on physiology, emotions, and mental well-being.

You witness layers of built-up resistance melting away,

allowing them to experience deep trauma release,

stress relief, and a newfound sense of aliveness.

Together, you dive into the depths of their being,

helping them heal emotional pain and past traumas,

regulate their nervous system,

and unlock their ultimate potential.

Why Choose Influential Breathwork™️ Coach Training?

What sets our breathwork coach training apart from others?

Well, we've carefully crafted a progressive approach to coaching that combines

scientific research, ancient wisdom, and practical techniques.

We blend the latest findings in neuroscience with profound breathwork practices,

creating a transformative coaching methodology that yields long-lasting results.

What to Expect

  • Comprehensive Breathwork Integration: Learn how to harness the power of breathwork techniques to facilitate healing, release trauma, and tap into the subconscious mind for profound personal transformation.

  • Integrative Coaching Strategies: Discover how to seamlessly integrate breathwork with coaching methodologies, allowing you to guide clients towards clarity, confidence, and success in all areas of life.

  • Expanded Perspectives: Dive into past life exploration, subconscious memory work, and ancestral healing to unlock deeper layers of healing and growth for yourself and your clients.

  • Expert Guidance: Led by renowned coach & breathwork instructor, Anna Parker-Naples, this breathwork coach training provides you with the guidance and mentorship of a seasoned professional who has helped transformed countless lives through coaching and breath.

  • Flexible Learning: Our combined live and online replay format allows you to engage in the training from the comfort of your own home with access the course materials, practice exercises on the go.

  • Connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

"Powerful and deep in the most beautifully nourishing and integrated way"

Join Us for Our Comprehensive

Influential Breathwork™️ Coach

Certification Programme

"I  have never had such a powerful and transformational experience" - Laura S.

What You'll Gain:

Upon completion of the Certified Influential Breathwork™️ Coach Training Programme, you will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the transformative power of breathwork and its integration with coaching methodologies.

  • Develop breathwork skills to confidently guide clients through breathwork sessions, one-on-one transformational coaching, and group workshops, both online and in-person.

  • Acquire advanced coaching techniques for trauma release, ancestral healing and working with subconscious memory.

  • Enhance your intuition to facilitate powerful breakthroughs in your clients.

  • Become a Certified Influential Breathwork™️ Coach, equipped with the tools and knowledge to create positive change and success in the lives of others as a facilitator and coach.

  • Develop and deepen your own personal breath practice for mental, physical and emotional release.

"It's was like a REBIRTH - these sessions are enlightening'' Pam S.

The Influential Breathwork™️ Coach Certification Programme


I - Inspiration:

- Prepare to ignite your coaching skills as you delve into the world of breathwork.

- Discover the personal practice requirements that will unlock your mastery as an Influential Breathwork Coach™️.

-Begin to harness activating inspirations and exhalations to change emotional states.


N - Nurture Wellbeing:

- Embrace the ethics and responsibilities of being a breath facilitator and coach.

- Learn how to incorporate breathwork styles into your coaching to nurture the well-being of your clients.

-Uncover techniques to restore mental clarity, increase focus, and cultivate resilience, to prevent and address mental fatigue and burnout.


F - Function of Breath & Breathwork Protocols:

-Explore the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and biomechanics of breathing and dysfunctional breathing patterns.

- Understand the contraindications to ensure safe and effective sessions.

- Dive into toxin release, self-regulation of the nervous system and calming anxiety through the breath.


L - Life Force Activation:

- Discover the ancient wisdom in regards to life force energy, prana, chi, and their transformative influence on self-trust, and the profound connection with your higher self and inner wisdom.

-Experience altered states of consciousness that activate aligned, purposeful living.


U - Unleash Vitality:

-Unleash vitality within yourself and your clients.

-Explore the power of breath to tap into theta brainwave states, enhancing meditation and facilitating profound mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits.

-Immerse yourself in the world of deep relaxation, natural highs, and euphoric states.


E - Explore Healing Awareness:

- Develop your breath awareness, observation, and assessment methods to gain deep insights into your clients' needs.

-Master the practical aspects of facilitation and group work, and learn how to handle unexpected responses to lead subconscious reprogramming work with finesse.

- Facilitate emotional release

- Create safe and trauma-informed space for clients to navigate their healing journeys


N - Navigate Transformation:

- Design and lead powerful bespoke coaching sessions that guide your clients through transformation.

- Discover after-care and follow-up strategies to ensure sustained results.

- Harness the influence of music, rhythm, and your delivery, voice, and presence to create an unforgettable experience.


T - Tap into Mindful States:

-Immerse yourself in the art of deep listening, emotional intelligence, and felt sense inquiry.

- Explore the influence of language and embedded commands in breathwork coaching.

- Learn techniques to shift limiting beliefs using neuroscientific processes

- Establish strong rapport with your clients


I - Inner Wisdom & Spiritual Connection:

- Experience the profound gateway of breathwork as you tap into intuition and the resourcing and grounding of body & breath integrations.

- Connect with generational, present life, and past life trauma history and limiting beliefs for somatic release of emotional blockages.


A - Amplify Performance:

-Discover the science behind breathwork's impact on peak performance, executive functioning, and optimizing mental health, concentration and decision-making.

- Learn to heal emotional pain, release trauma and regulate the nervous system.

-Tap into flow state for optimal performance.


L - Lead with Presence:

-Learn the fundamentals of holding space as an empathetic leader.

-Embrace your inner strength, sense of purpose, and breakthrough potential.

- Enhance your ability to be a positive influence on those around you.

- Change the lives of many through the power of breath.

Meet the Founder & Lead Trainer:

Anna Parker-Naples is an international award winning coach and entrepreneur. As a bestselling author and top global motivational podcaster, she is a leading authority in the field of personal growth & professional transformation, and an advanced level breathwork facilitator and instructor.

She is an organizational and professional member of the International Breathwork Association.

With her extensive knowledge, deep passion, and years of experience, Anna has empowered thousands of individuals to unlock their potential, find clarity, and create profound shifts in their lives and businesses on many levels

Her impact was recognized when she was selected to join Sir Richard Branson on his private island to mastermind with a collective of 30 other leading female entrepreneurs from around the globe.

Anna's journey into coaching began when she experienced the transformative power in her own life. Through her personal healing and growth, she discovered the immense potential that lies within each of us to create lasting change and cultivate a life of fulfillment and purpose.

With a background in life and business coaching, Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master of Hypnosis, Master of Time Line Therapy, EFT, Reiki, Theta Healing, Holistic Therapist, Energy Clearing modalities, Mindfulness teacher, Breathwork Facilitator and Oxygen Advantage Instructor, Anna brings a unique blend of expertise to her work.

Her innovative approach combines the power of breathwork with various transformative techniques, enabling individuals to release limiting beliefs, access their inner wisdom, and experience deep healing on multiple levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Together with Anna & Influential Breathwork Academy, let's create a ripple effect of positive change, healing and transformation in the lives of countless individuals worldwide.

One breath at a time.

"Deeply healing & wonderfully empowering" - Alison T.

Charis Santillie - Coach & Podcaster

"You know the saying of someone who talks the talk or walks the walk? In this case, Anna "breathes the breath." It's clear she's doing this deep work herself; and because of that, she was able to guide me through an expansive experience so that I could free myself of some emotional and physical burdens I'd been carrying. I felt a huge release of pressure, and I was able to intuitively receive some messages to help me shift some old, deep-rooted disempowering beliefs. Thank you, Anna."

Rose Radford - Coach & Podcaster

"Loved the new experience and blending of modalities. Anna's breathwork sessions are a magical blend of approaches in one go, that helps to create a whole new experience in the realm of transformational work."

"A huge release of pressure" - Denise F.

Ali Knight - Coach

"The session was powerful and deep in the most beautifully nourishing and integrated way. Anna's clear guidance and safe space holding throughout allowed me to release old and stuck energies that have been limiting me for a long time. The whole experience was deeply healing and wonderfully empowering - thank you so much.’

Lilli Badcock - Coach & Healer

"Within seconds of starting the process I could feel this power rising up inside of me. The emotion was strong but I truly felt like I was purging so I allowed it.

I received some powerful messages & I felt utter elation! Look, the point is this…this breathwork shiz is MENTAL! If you are feeling drawn to this, I can’t recommend Anna enough. Knowing the abundance of skills and experience she has in other modalities too I can’t express how huge of an opportunity this is to work with her. This work is amazing.

"A powerful shift replacing old, stagnant, anxious thoughts with

new, confident, vibrant energy" Laura D.

Throughout the Influential Breathwork™️ Coach Certification Programme,

you'll explore the revolutionary approach of combining scientific research with ancient wisdom.

Witness the profound benefits of breathwork as it heals emotional pain, relieves stress, and unlocks the ultimate potential within you and your clients.

Join our exclusive community of coaches, healers and spiritual seekers

as we embark on this transformative personal and professional journey together.

Are you ready to step into a world of breathtaking possibilities?

Enrol today and be part of the breathwork revolution that is shaping the coaching industry.

Don't wait!

Secure your spot now and become a

Certified Influential Breathwork™️ Coach

Our Training Pathway

Weekly Live Trainings

Practical Experience

Personal Journey

Graduation Project

Final Assessments

Beth Hocking - Coach & Strategist

"Anna’s warmth and wisdom called to me and I knew that I needed more of her spiritual type guidance and healing. Having started my business less than a year ago, I’d been wrestling with the change of identity and knowing I was meant for success, which wasn’t showing up in the way I’d expected it. The session was tailored to exactly what I needed to break down the barriers I’d put in place through my stories and beliefs. The breathwork itself is incredibly powerful, I experienced a lot of relief and energy shifting right from the first moment. It’s a multi sensorial experience that washes over the body to bring the healing, forgiveness and self-compassion I knew I needed. I can’t thank Anna enough for daring to delve deeper into this work and sharing her gifts with me. "

Charlotte Saunders - Business Owner

"What a transformational experience! Anna has removed a number of blocks and issues that I was dealing with - I was expecting some change but the pace and breadth of change has astounded me and I am excited to see how this transformation is going to impact my businesses. I cannot recommend Anna highly enough - I will definitely be back for more when needed! "

**Early Access Bonuses for January Cohort **


We want signing to become an Influential Breathwork™️ Coach

to be an easy 'yes' for you, so we've compiled some valuable bonuses

to help make your Influential Breathwork Coaching Business profitable.


Bonus 1 -

Amplify Your Impact
VALUE £1497

This is Anna's flagship 8 week digital access Online Business Course. This bonus material is designed to take your journey to building a successful personal brand-led business to the next level.


Bonus 2 -

3 x LIVE Group Marketing Mentorship

VALUE £3000

Join Anna live for these exclusive sessions on enhancing your marketing skills to attract your ideal coaching clients.


Bonus 3 -

Graduate Peer Community

VALUE £500

After you complete the course, you will be invited to join the graduate community for ongoing advice, support and connection with your peers for an additional 12 months.


Bonus 4 -

Breathwork Waiver Template

VALUE £197

A ready-made template for coaches & facilitators to use to create your own liability waiver for your breathwork waiver when teaching in-person or online.


Bonus 5 -

Influential Breathwork Portal Access

VALUE £359

Influential Breathwork Portal is a hub of breathwork recordings, hypnosis tracks, visualisations, and meditations to deepen your influence your mindset and take you on powerful breathwork journeys.








VIP Business & Breath Expansion Retreat Day VALUE £2000

You'll be invited to attend a one day VIP retreat in a pretty village outside Oxford. Meet with Anna at her Granny's old house (which was practically her childhood second home!) for an intimate day of connection, masterminding with hot seats, breathwork and expansive activities. If weather permits, we'll round the day off with an evening fire-pit and cacao ceremony. Date tbc, but likely to be mid- Mar 2024.



60 min Business Coaching 1:1 with Anna (Value £997)

Setting yourself up for success in your business requires strategic knowledge and a rock solid mindset. As founder of a 7 figure business, and experienced award-winning international entrepreneur, I will deep dive into your business needs and leave you with an action plan for increasing your income, influence and impact...and infusing breathwork into your business model.



Price Concession (Value £1500)

This HUGE price concession is available for the first two cohorts only. Plus, as you’ll be the first through the door, there’s no VAT for this cohort as this is a new company, making an even bigger saving than jumping in to the programme later on.

Invest in Your Future


Invest in One Payment



January Cohort Price ONLY

  • 24 x Weekly Live 60 Minute Group Calls

  • Access to all trainings and course materials

  • Exclusive FB Group

  • 10 x LIVE practice session calls

  • 10 x Integration & Support calls with the team

  • BONUS - Amplify Your Impact Course - £1497

  • BONUS - Live Marketing Mentorship - £3000

  • BONUS - Graduate Community - £500

  • BONUS - Breathwork Waiver Template - £197

  • BONUS - Influential Breathwork Portal - £359

  • JANUARY COHORT - VIP Retreat Day £2000

  • JANUARY COHORT - 1:1 Business Coaching £997

  • JANUARY COHORT - Price Concession £1500


Payment plan

£458 pm

£297 - £199 pm

12 monthly payments of £297

15 monthly payments of £238

18 monthly payments of £199

  • 24 x Weekly Live 60 Minute Group Online Calls

  • Access to all trainings & course materials

  • Exclusive Community

  • 10 x LIVE practice session calls

  • 10 x Integration & Support calls with the team

  • BONUS - Amplify Your Impact Course - £1497

  • BONUS - Live Marketing Mentorship - £3000

  • BONUS - Graduate Community - £500

  • BONUS - Breathwork Waiver Template - £197

  • BONUS - Influential Breathwork Portal - £359

  • JANUARY COHORT - VIP Retreat Day £2000

  • JANUARY COHORT - 1:1 Business Coaching £997

  • JANUARY COHORT - Price Concession £1500

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is this programme suitable for both aspiring and established coaches?

A: Absolutely! Our programme is designed to cater to coaches at all levels of experience. Whether you're just starting your coaching journey or looking to expand your skills, our training will empower you to make a profound impact.

Q: Do I need any prior experience in breathwork or coaching to enroll in this programme?

A: No prior experience is necessary. We provide comprehensive training that covers the foundational principles of breathwork and coaching. You'll learn everything you need to know to become an Influential Breathwork Coach.

Q: How will this programme benefit my coaching practice?

A: The Influential Breathwork Coach™️ Certification Training Programme will enhance your coaching practice by integrating powerful breathwork techniques that facilitate deep transformation. You'll be able to help your clients release emotional blockages, manage stress, and achieve breakthrough results. Breathwork is in high demand right now, so this is the ideal time to certify, and charge premium rates.

Q: What support will I receive during the programme?

A: We are committed to your success. Throughout the program, you'll have access to live coaching sessions, interactive workshops, and a supportive online community. You'll also receive ongoing mentorship and guidance from our trainers.

Q: Can I earn a certification upon completion of the programme?

A: Yes, upon successfully completing the programme requirements, you will receive the Influential Breathwork Coach™️ Certification. This certification will validate your expertise in breathwork coaching and enhance your professional credibility.

Q: Are there any additional costs besides the programme tuition?

A: The programme tuition covers all the essential training materials and resources. However, there may be optional supplementary materials or resources recommended for further exploration. These additional resources are not mandatory but can complement your learning journey.

Q: What if I can't attend the live sessions?

A: We understand that scheduling conflicts may arise. All the live sessions will be recorded and made available to you within our online learning platform. You can access them at your convenience and still benefit from the content.

Q: Is there a refund policy in case I'm not satisfied with the programme?

A. You can request a refund within the first 14 days after signing up for the programme. Once the course begins, no refunds are available.

Q: How long is the programme and what time commitments are there?

A. The Influential Breathwork Coach™️ Training Certification is an intensive 6 month course. There will be live sessions on a weekly basis lasting 60 mins. These will be available for replay if you miss the session. In addition, you will be required to complete homework tasks, reading assignments and personal practice documentation. You will be expected to complete practical experience and case studies, and a final assessment. It is anticipated that your time commitment will be approximately 3 hours per week.
Please note, you will have 3 additional months to complete the practical expereience after the course completes.

Q: Will I become a Certified Influential Breathwork™️ Coach on completion of this programme?

You first complete all training, submit your homework and research activities, complete your graduation project, followed by your required practice sessions to develop your confidence before becoming a Certified Influential Breathwork™️ Coach.

Completion of this programme gives the candidate the opportunity to apply for the designation of CeIBC 'Certified Influential Breathwork Coach', awarded by Influential Breathwork Academy. This certificate is awarded to those coaches who can demonstrate that they have attained the knowledge and skills required by Influential Breathwork Academy.

The program is undergoing CPD accreditation. Upon the training programme successfully receiving the accrediation, you will be given the opportunity to claim your CPD points.

Is there a recertification process to maintain the standard?

As part of the programme you will be offered the opportunity to be certified as a Certified Influential Breathwork Coach ® (“CeIBC”). In order to become a CeIBC you will be required to undertake certain activities and assessments to demonstrate your competency. The cost is £375 per year. This is optional if you'd like to maintain use of using the designation CeIBC.

Q: When are the live calls?

-The live learning sessions will take place weekly on Tuesdays at 13:00 hrs UK time.
-The integration and practice sessions will be on Wednesdays from 12pm-1.30pm. (This are optional and drop-in)
-On certain Monday evenings at 8pm, you will have the opportunity to support, attend or lead public facing breathwork sessions.

- Dates Course will run from w/c 9th January until w/c 2nd July, with a break for Easter.

-Final assessments and practice sessions must be completed and submitted by Oct 2024 at the latest.
-These dates are provisional and are subject to change.

"Really profound experience of something deep rooted from my past." Sophia M.

What people say about working with Anna:

Matt Perks - Leadership Coach & Entrepreneur

"'A very uplifting experience and I loved that we had a focus for the session based on a current personal dilemma and she improvised around that wonderfully which unearthed some deep insights. She eased me in and out of the session in a powerful way and gave me space to process the insight, which was profound. Overall a fantastic experience."

Kirsty Knight - Business Coach & Podcaster

"I had the most wonderfully moving, powerful and enlightening breathwork session with Anna today. She was fantastic at putting me at ease as a part of me was unsure as to what to expect, and a little nervous as to whether or not it would impact me. And I had some real shifts in clarity and understanding during the session. After today's session I am definitely onboard with it being a fabulous technique to make some real headway with. Thank you so much."

Sarah Cooke - Business Coach, Author & Podcaster

"I was feeling a little bit stuck myself, I knew that I wanted to have more impact. Something was holding me back. I had a few ideas as to what those areas might be. But what I wanted to do was to really delve into that to clear those blocks and enable me to upscale my business. So I came to Anna and her sessions were incredible, just amazing. Really enabled me to delve deep and clear some of those blocks and shift my mindset. The mix of mindset as well as business support and strategy is incredible. If you are considering working with her, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."

Nicole Posner - Conflict Crisis Consultant & Author

"Wow!! I was not expecting that! I wanted to try breathwork because I was curious. In fact, if I'm honest, I was quite cynical about it but because I know Anna, I knew she wouldn't be so passionate about it unless it was powerful and she believed in it. I was blown away! There were things that have been buried for years that came up for me and I now understand clearly how and where they have been holding me back and why I behave the way I do in certain situations. The release came out in tears, which again, completely surprised me. Whether you are just curious like me, or want to shift something that has been frustrating you, I suggest you try breathwork coaching sessions with Anna because the results are quite unbelievable!"

Caroline Burns - Business Owner

"It was the deepest meditative experience I've ever had and I felt it within my body. I experienced something in my session that I'd never felt before...an actual physical sensation in my body and a lighter feeling afterwards. It has given me insight on what has been holding me back which I can work on some more, and it's also opened up a new way for me being able to delve deeper into my blocks. I would definitely recommend Anna 's Breathwork to anyone curious about what is holding them back"

Claire Robinson - Entrepreneur & Business Mentor

"She takes no bullshit, she won’t let you get distracted by the ‘hang on’s’ and ‘yeah buts’… it’s a style of coaching and accountability I’m not used to but very much needed. She ‘held on to me’ to allow me to explore the deepest thoughts until they came up and I could answer the questions I’d quit answering before. It’s fair to say my transformation is very much ongoing as I work through all the parts that we’re unravelling. But I know for sure that the space Anna held to make me really deeply ask myself what I wanted was absolutely the catalyst to these significant changes. Thank you Anna, I can’t wait to continue this over the coming months."

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