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When & Where

  • Date: Monday 6th November.

  • Time: 8pm UK Time for 90 mins

  • Location: Zoom

Why Breathwork is

Buzzing Right Now

A Cultural Phenomenon: From wellness influencers to top-performing CEOs, everyone is talking about breathwork as the next big thing in personal development.

High Media Coverage: Featured in top publications and podcasts, breathwork is gaining widespread recognition as a legitimate and powerful practice.

Science-Backed Benefits: Numerous studies are revealing the physiological and psychological benefits of breathwork, increasing its credibility and demand.

What You'll Learn

  • The Science Behind Breathwork: Understand why

    breath is fundamental for shifting mindset, and why this is the deepest work you'll do with your clients.

  • Business Benefits: Learn how to position breathwork as a high-demand skill to increase your revenue with the fastest growing transformational modality on the planet.

  • Practical Experience: Engage in a powerful conscious connected breathwork session that will leave you feeling excited to lead powerful breakthroughs yourself.

  • Exclusive Invitation: Be the first to hear about the upcoming Influential Breathwork Coach Training cohort and how you can join.

Why You Need to Attend This Masterclass

  • Meet the Rising Demand for Mental Health Solutions: Mental health issues are on the rise, making breathwork a sought-after solution.

  • Peak Performance for CEO's & Leaders - for themselves and their colleagues - absentee- ism is a HUGE issue, that senior leaders want to address, and breath knowledge is key.

  • Learn how to lead deeper, long lasting transformation - Be ahead of the game in adopting the science behind the somatic approach to emotional, trauma and limiting belief release work into your coaching practice

  • Position Yourself as a Leading Expert: Stand out from the crowd by offering an additional layer of value to your clients that will take their breath away!

  • Skyrocket Your Business Impact and Income: Enhance your coaching outcomes and profitability by adding a high-demand skill to your toolkit. Breathwork is highly in demand, and is set to grow

This Masterclass is perfect for

Mindset Coaches

Who Are ...

  • Passionate about delivering deep, lasting results for their clients.

  • Eager to add a high-demand skill to their coaching toolkit.

  • Ready to elevate their business for greater profitability and impact.

Meet Your Instructor:

Anna Parker-Naples

  • Author: Published two highly acclaimed books, 'Get Visible: How to have more impact, influence and income' and 'Podcast with Impact: How to start and launch your podcast properly.'

  • Podcast Host: The voice behind 'Positively Influential,' a top-rated podcast.

  • Founder:  Influential Breathwork and  Influential Audio - The Podcast Agency.

  • Experienced Coach: 7+ years in online business, trained in NLP, Time Line Therapy, hypnosis, life, and business coaching & breathwork instructor.

  • Visionary: On a mission to bring breathwork into the mainstream, accessible for all who seek performance enhancement, stress relief, and deeper self-connection.

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